Martins Ferry raises minimum water consumption to 4,000 gallons Community spring cleanup deemed a success MARTINS FERRY — The city of Martins is raising its minimum water consumption from 2,500 gallons to 4,000 gallons, a move expected to benefit residents of the city. “It was 4,000 gallons before and they dropped it by 1,500 gallons. It was an attempt to get East Ohio Regional Water Authority on the same page so people weren’t paying more to the waste authority,” Davies said of a previous administration. “But they lowered theirs and decided 4,000 gallons was an average usage.” Davies noted raising the minimum consumption will not cost residents anymore money. “It seemed like the average went up in the city,” he said. The minimum cost for water is $26.54 per month. Meanwhile, a recent free service to the city’s residents was deemed a success by Davies. A spring cleanup was recently held on First Street near the former city garage property. Residents were permitted to bring their unwanted household items to dumpsters placed there.